St. Vincent to Direct Horror Film Alongside Karyn Kusama and Roxanne Benjamin

Annie Clark will write and direct a horror film as part of XYZ's 'XX' project

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) announced via Twitter today that she would be writing and directing a horror film with Roxanne Benjamin for Magnet and XYZ Films. The movie will be distributed alongside films by Karyn Kusama, Jennifer Lynch and Jovanka Vuckovic, and all four works will be released as XX, a collection marketed as “four deadly tales by four killer women.”

Clark’s fellow filmmakers boast an impressive array of horror titles: Kusama has been in the news lately for the tension-filled indie drama The Invitation, which critics have been calling her best film since Girlfight, and Roxanne Benjamin was behind one of the most innovative segments in Southbound; Jennifer Lynch directed 2012’s disturbing Chained, and Jovanka Vuckovic directed The Captured Bird, a gorgeous animated horror-fantasy produced by Guillermo Del Toro.

Nothing about the anthology film’s subject matter has been confirmed — and it’s unclear just how feminine-focused each story will be. As Kusama told Inverse in March, “An integral part of directing [The Invitation] was my attempt to step into, and live the experience of, Will as he figures out what’s happening to him. To me, that work is as feminist an act as, say, writing an interesting and complex portrait of a female character.” That’s exciting; to hear female voices in contemporary horror, sounding off on whatever frights they want to illustrate. As horror gets more intelligent, it’s getting more diverse in its construction. Given its star power and sleek marketing, XX has just taken its place as one of the most tantalizing horror projects coming in the next few years.

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