You Can Now Use Your Playstation 4 From Any Computer In The World

The new Remote Play app is now live, and we're losing our minds over it

Playstation just announced their latest system update, and it has quite a nice surprise buried in the details. While some updates have been made to the social features, allowing users to appear offline or get friend notifications in a different way, the big reveal is that the Remote Play app has undergone a major overhaul. The app allowed PS Vita owners to sync to their Playstation 4 and play from anywhere. Now, that same app allows you to play your Playstation 4 from any PC or Mac. And that’s a gamechanger.

How do you do it? Download the app to your computer, plug in a Playstation controller, and you’re done. Pretty damned upset I’m not a Playstation 4 owner right about now, especially with some big travel days coming up. I would use the hell outta this.

Remote play linking is something that games have been trying to conquer for a long time. Latency issues have always got in the way because of course they have — who can play twitch reaction experiences like Street Fighter when your movements might be off by whole seconds? But early reports are saying this updated system has a real stability to it that makes remote gaming from other networks a reality.

Key to this is Sony’s decision to open up the app for use on all platforms. Mac in particular has been trying to catch up in the games department, but know you can sync from a laptop anywhere in the world to your home system and pull up Uncharted 4 for a few minutes is awe-inspiring.

Thank god they didn’t have this when I was in college. I would’ve flunked out.

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