Which Airlines Are Playing 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'?

Not everyone will be flying with the Force this spring

Great news for frequent fliers and people who like to pretend they’re on the Millennium Falcon: Many major airlines are now carrying Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Disney’s multi-billion dollar juggernaut hits home video on April 1, but has been playing on planes for at least a month. Watching it on a tiny screen during a potentially bumpy plane ride isn’t exactly the ideal way to view J.J. Abrams’ IMAX-heavy spectacle, but with Sky Mall now defunct, you’ve got to kill time somehow whilst in the sky, and looking out the window at the wonders of this dying planet gets real boring, real fast.

Domestic carriers that offer The Force Awakens include the following:


Free for those in First Class and Main Cabin Select, but not so much for the rest of the passengers. You’ll have to pay while sitting in your smaller seat.


The movie is free for international, First Class and Delta Comfort+™ passengers, but those riding economy class will have to pay a premium fee.

American Airlines

Not every plane has inflight entertainment, but they do allow you to stream things right to your device via the (dreadful) Gogo Wifi. Flights with TVs will charge you for The Force Awakens.

United Airlines

The Force Awakens is only shown on certain flights, but it seems to be free on the planes that do carry it.


It’ll run you $5 to watch the movie on continental US flights, but it’s free on international flights.

Nippon Airway's 'The Force Awakens' jet.

Getty Images

There are plenty of international airlines that have Star Wars available, and dubbed into different languages. Major carriers include All Nippon Airways (which had its own Star Wars-themed plane this fall), British Airways, Lufthansa, China Southern Airlines, Air France, Russia’s Aeroflot, and the UAE’s Emirates Airlines.

Enjoy your flight!

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