Calculate How Many Hours You've Watched a TV Show, Get Depressed

This new site 'tii.me' is here to make you very, very depressed.

Ready to get SUPER BUMMED? Well, here’s some numbers to ruin your day, courtesy of the site tii.me. What does it do? Enter any TV show or character name, and watch as it adds up all the seasons and the amount of time it would take to watch every episode without a break. How quickly do shows add-up? Very, very, very quickly.

Personally, this is more upsetting than the time I logged into Hulu and looked up how many episodes of Law & Order I plowed through during a particularly dark period. It was 16 full days. Even. Wanna know how bad that felt? Join me in this sad math adventure that explores how cord-cutting let me burn through my late 20s.

Here’s some of our favorite findings. If you’re using the site yourself make sure to delete your results at the bottom of each search — otherwise it keeps adding up TV and you’ll wind up thinking South Park ran for 99 years and you’ll be very confused.


King of Queens - 3 Days 48 Minutes

Seinfeld - 2 Days 18 Hours

South Park - 4 Days 1 Hour 54 Minutes

Full House - 4 Days

Cheers - 4 days 13 Hours 12 Minutes

The Office (US) - 2 Days 17 Hours

Classic Shows

The Honeymooners - 4 Days 10 Hours

MASH - 5 Days 5 Hours 3 Minutes

Married… With Children - 5 Days 9 Hours 30 Minutes

Classic Doctor Who - 21 Days 22 Hours 30 Minutes

Soap Operas and Procedurals

General Hospital - 14 Days 3 Hours

Grey’s Anatomy - 7 Days 19 Hours 3 Minutes

Law & Order - 19 Days 1 Hour

Peak TV

The Sopranos - 3 Days 14 Hours

Mad Men - 3 Days 4 Minutes

Breaking Bad - 1 Days 22 Hours 30 Minutes

Dexter - 3 Days 8 Hours

Friday Night Lights - 3 Days 4 Hours

Modern Doctor Who - 6 Days 9 Hours 20 Minutes

Battlestar Galactica - 2 Days 5 Hours 32 Minutes

Let us know which show’s run was most shocking to you!