Is it Remotely Possible That 'The Trust' Will Be Worth Your Time?

In spite of some much-warranted social media backlash regarding its poster, Nic Cage and Elijah Wood’s ‘The Trust’ actually has some potential.


Earlier today, the trailer for Nicolas Cage’s newest cinematic offering, The Trust was released on YouTube. Any reporting on the trailer was essentially cast aside so Redditors could have a field day with the film’s craptastic movie poster. It looks like it was created by a 10-year-old learning to use Photoshop for the first time:

A solid 'no' to everything about this.


It’s bad. Just seeing that poster is enough for the average viewer to quietly file the film with a recent string of garbage films that Nic Cage is taking to support his growing wig budget. However, if you immediately discounted The Trust based on it’s amateur hour poster, the trailer might change your mind.

See, that looks like an entirely different movie, doesn’t it? The trailer tosses in some wry Ridley-Scott-style action move humor and hints at a fairly typical heist- gone-wrong plot line. Honestly, the whole trailer gives off a real Matchstick Men vibe, which isn’t a bad thing. There’s also some indication of the disintegration of Cage’s character (and it might be fun to watch the actor fall apart on screen). But there’s more to this trailer that speaks to the quality of the film.

First of all, regardless of who’s billed first, the film seems to be leaning heavily on the talents of Elijah Wood, relegating Nic Cage to a strong supporting role. That’s actually really promising for two reasons. First, Frodo can act when he’s given the chance, and second, a non-starring role for Cage may indicate that he’s taken this role because it’s actually quality. It’s been a while since Cage has tested himself on the screen, but when he’s on his game, few actors are as much fun to watch.

There could be something here ...


Sure, the film’s March 13 release date — and the fact that it’s first official trailer released only a week before — doesn’t instill a ton of studio confidence in this one, but with the right expectations and a pure enough love for watching Nic Cage lose his shit on screen might make this 90 minutes worth your time. If nothing else, you should check it out to support Elijah Wood, who needs better roles all around.

We're rooting for you, pal!

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