IFC Says Demons Are the Secret to Good Comedy

Dana Gould's horror comedy 'Stan Against Evil' to join 'Portlandia' and 'Documentary Now' in the fall.

IFC president Jennifer Caserta told the press recently that ordering a horror-comedy series from Dana Gould reflects the network’s new focus. “Demons and disgrace,” Caserta said, “are at the forefront of IFC’s new comedy strategy.” Although her wry description of the network’s fall programming sounds ridiculous, IFC has created a cohesive brand from its off-kilter comedies. Portlandia, the sketch show you keep meaning to watch because you watched Feminist Bookstore on YouTube, will enter its sixth season this year, and Documentary Now! is already slated for a second and third season.

IFC’s demon series, Stan Against Evil, will be set in a New England town filled with recently unleashed demons. The series, which will follow an unlikely pair of detectives, will be written and executive produced by comedian and podcast host Dana Gould. The show will turn to Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead for practical effects and demon design, and its comedic aspects will likely fit into IFC’s goofy, deadpan line-up.

Gould has confirmed that Stan Against Evil will be both dark and funny. “The premise of the show,” he says, “is basically, ‘What if my dad was Buffy the Vampire Slayer?’ What if the monster hunter in a small town was a bitter old Irish guy who didn’t want to do it?”