Is Britain About to Release Documents Proving Aliens Exist?

Here's a hint: Get your head out of your ass.

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Across the Atlantic Ocean, a few media outlets are reporting that the British government is set to declassify a ton of top-secret documents currently owned and controlled by the Ministry of Defense. Apparently, those papers detail some big information pertaining to UFO sightings and could prove that one of Europe’s most powerful states has known all along that aliens are real.

At least, that’s the narrative accompanying the careless hype surrounding the move to disclose these documents. The reality is far less exciting: some British UFO researchers, with support from a UK politician in the House of Lords, have been pushing the Ministry of Defense to release the 30-year-old documents that investigate UFO sightings in the country.

Black recently brought up the issue at a meeting of Parliament and was told the Ministry of Defense would release the documents to the National Archives by March of this year — though that doesn’t mean they would be immediately handed over to any alien hunters and conspiracy theorists eager to take a look.

The documents purportedly contain information about investigations into a few specific and very famous UFO sightings, such as the Rendlesham Forest incident, where a series of unexplained lights were spotted in Suffolk in late December 1980. Witnesses said they saw a craft land on the ground.

But it’s highly unlikely the UFO researchers will find anything particularly juicy in the papers. While the ministry’s dragging feet on this action has only bolstered suspicions the government has something to hide, that’s probably just due to the fact that the UK government — like most democracies — is a bureaucratic slog. Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the Ministry of Defense, told the Daily Express that the government is not engaged with any Roswell-style cover-up. “Having worked on the MoD’s UFO project I’m sorry to say that we don’t have any crashed spaceships hidden away in some RAF hangar, as some believe, but we do have some fascinating and unexplained cases in our files,” said Pope.

Moreover, the declassifications never reveal any kind of real evidence of E.T. or of a government conspiracy. The CIA recently released a bunch of documents pertaining to UFO investigations, and from the looks of it, they’re about as baffled as everyone else.

So, are we finally going to learn in a few weeks that aliens and UFOs are real, and that the world’s powers that be have kept the general populace in the dark for more than a half-century?

I mean, maybe. But seriously — no.