Twitter Burn of the Week: Jeb Bush's "America" Pistol in the Crosshairs

Maybe don't tweet a picture of a gun and then equate it to the U.S., as a whole, next time.

Getty Images

Jeb Bush, who is apparently still running for president, has had some dark days. His establishment candidacy has been blindsided by big bully Trump and Ted “Canadian” Cruz to the point where his mother is doing her best to shore up some semblance of Bush family pride. Well, it might’ve all reached a nadir with what he might have thought was a harmless rattling of an e-saber.

Freud would have a field day. I mean, it’s a pic of a weapon with his name engraved on it, lying fallow, just waiting to be picked up, held, cocked, and discharged. But think of what de Tocqueville would’ve teased out of this. An actual — well, sort of — candidate for President of the United States is basically drawing an equal sign between guns and the country. “America is guns,” nuevo-cowboy Jeb Bush reports, maybe not thinking of all the tricky gun deaths that occur constantly here. And dammit he has his name on one, too! (Jeb likes exclamation points!)

As one who is not insane might expect, Twitter gone and done blew up over the whole deal. Andy Richter went on a spree. Dave Weigel had one of the choicest new “American plus a picture of something hilarious” memes. But, Gawker scribe Ashley Feinberg might’ve posted the most absurd — and, therefore, amazing — retort. Gaze upon it, in all of it’s inappropriate glory: