This Video Shows Laptop Bomber Receiving Bomb in Airport

Military grade explosives were concealed in a laptop.


Somali intelligence officers have released a video showing airport workers passing off a laptop containing a bomb that was later detonated on a commercial flight to Djibouti.

In the footage released Sunday, officials say an airport worker hands the laptop off to another employee before the pair both hand it over to the bombing suspect Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh.

Out of the 74 passengers on Daallo Airlines Flight 3159 on February 2nd, Borleh was the bomb’s sole fatality. He was sucked out of the plane through the hole the blast made, the bomb loaded with military grade TNT. The pilot was able to land the plane safely in Mogadishu.

In the short clip, you can see the two airline workers in the low, right part of the screen in a blue shirt and orange vest. Here’s a breakdown of the important moments:

The two airline workers enter.

:01: The two airline workers enter from top right and start walking down the frame, the man in the blue shirt holding the laptop.

Borleh enters (top right).

:27: Borleh, Somali national, enters from top right.

Borleh approaches the two men.

:30: Borleh approaches the two men after going through security and they make the handoff before going their separate ways.

An anonymous source told CNN Borleh knew exactly where to sit to maximize the blast’s damage. If the aircraft had reached cruising altitude, the explosion would have likely set off another in the fuel tank.

Both of the workers have since been arrested, joining roughly 20 others now in jail for their suspected part in the terrorist attack. No group has come forward to take credit for the bombing.