The 'SNL' "Super Crew" Saves the World, but Only After Introductions

Meet The Beast, who is obsessed with 'Beauty and the Beast.'


While Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impression memorably opened Saturday Night Live on Saturday, its writers didn’t pass up the chance to add to its lengthy sci-fi and superhero history with an introduction of the “Super Crew,” starring host Ronda Rousey.

The sketch opens in Metro City, 2016. The city is doomed, as monsters made of metal seem intent on destroying it. Enter Rousey as Metallia, whose superpower is bending metal, which seems like the perfect solution to this problem. She’s a member of the Super Crew, a team of between “six and 30 super heroes,” who all need introductions before any world is saved. It’s no “Superhero Party” or “Black Widow Trailer”, but it’ll prove amusing for anyone who’s fallen asleep during mind-numbing superhero introductions in comics or movies. Although, The Beast seems like he’d be fun to spend an afternoon with.

Oh, here’s the full Super Crew:

  • Sol-Lor, who can harness the power of the sun to melt any material
  • Aviana, gifted with the power of flight but only as fast as you can walk and only for ten seconds at the time. And only twice a day.
  • Noodle Man, who can create a mountain of noodles.
  • Mr. Leathers, who at “any moment can be wearing leather.”
  • The Beast, who is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.
  • Queen Aquata, “who commands the seas, but the question is, will they obey? The short answer is no.”
  • Gaygina, who has gaydar but only for black men.
  • Couscous, who is similar to Mr. Noodles.
  • Fire-bot (or Fire-butt), who doesn’t do much.
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