Why Is Staring at This Gallery of Fiberoptic Cable So Damn Mesmerizing? 

Behold, the glory of insulated wire!


Do we need to understand beauty to appreciate it? Does understanding the color spectrum make a sunset any more glorious? Just because I don’t understand, even remotely, what function any of these cables serve, does that mean I can’t share their aesthetic splendor with you? No. No it does not.

Imgur user KB1984210 has posted a collection of found wiry love titled “Cable Porn” that has us convinced that more IT technicians should keep an Instagram.

Yeah, tie it down. Imgur
You know just where to stick it, don't you?Imgur
How does it take it all at once like that?Imgur
Somebody made a mess. Imgur
Something something hot.Imgur
Where all those wire going? Shhhhh. It's not your concern, baby.Imgur

That’s the prime, top shelf cable. Cable for winners. Now go look at your fuse box and think about the life choices you’ve made.