The Twenty-Five ‘Worst Passwords’ of 2015

The kind of security codes that make IT people ill are apparently hot choices.

The password management consultants at SplashData recently released their annual edition of its “Worst Passwords List”—and it’s not exactly the most reassuring compilation of security-protecting entry codes.

Then again, if you’re new to the world of hacking, you probably feel great knowing how easy your future attacks might play out.

SplashData claims its goal by blowing up these flimsy keywords is to “encourage the adoption of stronger passwords to improve Internet security.” Even so, if any of the following just also happen to be in your employ, you’re probably going to feel like this:

Mostly taken from North America and Western European users, the list reflects a lack of ingenuity, but yet moments of timely trends, as #25 is:


24: “passw0rd”

23: “solo”

22: “qwertyuiop”

21: “princess”

20: “login”

19: “letmein”

18: “monkey”

17: “master”

16: “dragon”

15: “1qaz2wsx”

14: “111111

13: “abc123”

12: “1234567890”

11: “welcome”

10: “baseball”

9: “1234567”

8: “1234”

7: “football”

6: “123456789”

5: “12345”

4: “qwerty”

3: “12345678”

2: “password”

…and the number one worst password_ for 2015 is: