Pet Science

Why is my cat peeing everywhere? Pet experts explain this surprisingly complex behavior

If Fluffy is peeing outside the litter box, consider it a warning sign.

Easy, breezy, beautiful

How do dolphins maintain their glowing skin? A study reveals the surprising answer

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s gorgonian coral.

Climate crisis

Look: Hidden fossils reveal a microscopic creature that may be resilient to climate change

Newly-discovered fossil imprints from phytoplankton show that the organisms didn't die off during past global climate fluctuations.


Pig-human heart transplants still have a long way to go

It’s a tempting solution with some big problems.


200 years ago, this terror of the Amazon inspired the world’s first batteries

Electric eels don’t shock their prey to death; they just electrically stun it before attacking.


Octopus facts: 5 incredible tidbits you didn't know about the cephalopod

What octopuses eat depends on what species they are and where they live.

Reel Science

The greatest sci-fi epic on HBO Max reveals a provocative scientific debate

Is Jurassic Park in our near future? Experts explain.

Seeing is believing

Look: Missing 19th century platypus and echidna specimens discovered in museum storage

150 years ago, these mammal specimens ignited a fierce evolutionary debate. A British museum just re-discovered them.


The world’s first octopus farm will be an evolutionary disaster — here’s why

Farming octopuses is cruel and inhumane, too.


You get less sleep than a chimp — and there's an evolutionary reason why

Ancient humans may have evolved to slumber efficiently and in a crowd

Pet Science

Should you exercise your dog on a treadmill? Here's what veterinarians say

It might not be a bad idea.

Wild Ideas

A massive societal problem for humans is also harming animals

Studying wealth inequality in the animal kingdom could help us understand evolution.


How to help your pet lose weight: 4 tips for healthy cats and dogs

Want your pet to live longer? Start by following these four guidelines.


Are dingoes dogs or wolves? Surprise, they’re neither

Dingoes are thought to represent a unique event within canine evolution.

Cold blooded

1 in 5 reptile species is now endangered — here's why that matters so much

Reptiles fell through the cracks of conservation.


A new hibernation study is bad news for future space travelers

Hibernating animals could help us understand how long astronauts could last in space.