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Impactful Advertising That Reaches Smart Millennials

In just two years, Inverse has grown quickly, maintaining its unique audience of innovation and culture-obsessed millennials.

Custom Content

True to our journalistic integrity and desire to find the unexpected connections between innovation and culture, our voice lends a unique filter and approach to branded content. Brand partners will have access to our editorial, in-house video production and brand marketing teams.

Original Video

Inverse is focused on creating original, premium video. Our in-house team handles all aspects from ideation to production and distribution. Our voice is insightful, often funny, and our formats range from scripted and documentary series to digital shorts and branded features.

High-Impact Display

Our display units are custom, high-impact and responsive. We’re always exploring new formats to meet our clients’ needs and get their brand messages across in an impactful way.

Social Amplification

Inverse is able to amplify all branded content through distributed assets and targeting to our unique, proprietary audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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