Small Business Salutes

Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes Small Business Salutes


An Instagram co-founder is using gift cards to save Bay Area restaurants

SaveOurFaves hopes to help businesses hit by the coronavirus as they await federal aid.


Inside a highly lucrative, ethically questionable essay-writing service

Killer Papers is a seven-figure academic “paper mill” business. But its products are just for inspiration, its founder insists.

Back to school

Klarna’s valuation plummets amid criticism of 'Buy Now Pay Later' schemes

The company's dealing with competition, public scrutiny, and stingier shoppers.


Google's charging small businesses for email after decades of free service

And Google isn't even making it very easy for business owners to make the switch to the new subscription model.

Greedy Google

Amazon’s fuel surcharge might make your impulse buys more expensive

Third-party sellers are dependent on Amazon to help fulfill orders and now they'll be faced with a five percent fuel surcharge on April 28.


Vending machine YouTubers are rolling in cash (and candy)

Viewers really love watching videos of entrepreneurs tending to their machines.


UPS is making a fashion collection — because why not?

We may not our packages on time, but we do get a T-shirt.


Google is scaring small businesses with anti-regulation rumors

And it’s using Google Maps to help with the propaganda.


Online clothes shopping sucks for short people. Can tech fix that?

Expect more virtual fitting rooms, plus cool-sounding advancements like the “blended-reality” mirror.


Fake funeral home's anti-vaxx ad redirects to vaccine registration site

Concocted by the ad agency, BooneOakley, the vaccine PSA is as morbid as it is accurate.


Prepare your annual tribute to Bezos: Prime Day arrives this month

Amazon made Prime Day a little earlier so it can squeeze more money out of you for Pride Month and Hot Vax Summer.


Amazon sued for inflating prices across entire online retail market

Amazon's new ad campaign, "Spend Less. Smile More," couldn't be further from the truth.


Shopify is plagued by thousands of fraudsters, a new analysis suggests

With great power comes great responsibility... and the attention of scammers.


Miiriya is an Amazon-killer app that supports Black-owned businesses

Just as easy as Amazon, without the greedy billionaire behind it. And every cent goes to the business owner.


Salesforce spent a jaw-dropping amount of money to buy Slack

The workplace chat app has faced intense competition from Microsoft and others.


Benevolent Apple is cutting App Store fees in half for most developers

The new App Store Small Business Program looks pretty good for Apple's anti-trust investigations.


Chase is taking on Square's infamous credit card dongle with clone, QuickAccept

Ten years after Square launched its credit card dongle that plugs into a smartphone, Chase is introducing a competing product.