J. Fergus

This floating turbine will use the ocean to help power an island

Wave energy is set to power one of Tasmania’s islands and could one day help expedite humanity's transition to sustainable energy.


Deaf and HOH people are tweaking ASL to communicate on Zoom

American Sign Language is getting a bit of a facelift.


Internet discounts are coming, courtesy of the FCC

Eligible homes can receive discounts of up to $50.


San Francisco’s Chinatown has been replicated in ‘Minecraft’

The creators used Google Maps and Google Images to get the details right.


NASA plans to bolster electric aircraft innovation right here on Earth

Our planet is just as important to NASA as Mars.


Alexa Skills are easy to exploit in a number of worrying ways

Less than a quarter of skills even have a privacy policy.


'Kitty Letter' is a lush injection of lockdown levity from ‘The Oatmeal’

The mobile word game is a delightful reprieve from reality in both story or multiplayer modes.


Here's your chance to control a paint-shooting robot dog

Just because the gun mounted on this Spot robot only shoots paintballs doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

See Spot gun

Spotify unveils the lovechild of its acquisitions: an audio advertising suite

Suddenly, the $1 billion it dropped on podcast companies is looking cheap.

Podcast Wars

Nielsen resorts to shaming networks with new diversity data tool

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics tracks the diversity of content along with how it reflects the general population and shows' audiences.


Google replaces critical Black women with a new, supportive one

Who needs AI ethics when you run the internet?


Soulja Boy is back on his BS, building a ‘new’ game console

Round 2 for the emulator takedown begins.


A bookshelf in your job screening video makes you more hirable to AI

From your background to your outfit, an algorithm’s judgment could make or break your chances of getting hired.


Leading Uber critic hired to teach the company that drivers are people

Alex Rosenblat was finally swayed to try to fix Uber from the inside.


M1 malware arrives on Apple Macs even sooner than expected

The M1 really does speed everything up.


Apple TV+ expands into AR with ‘For All Mankind’ promo

For the best experience, the iOS app will need an iPhone that supports LiDAR.


Facebook would literally have to pay us to wear its rumored smartwatch

If you like your privacy, the smart move would be to not buy one.


Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z team up to save Africa and India with volatile Bitcoin

The pair have created a fund worth $23.6 million.


You can now put down a deposit for SpaceX's Starlink internet

Coming to the sky near you soon...ish.


Mark Cuban's Fireside is a podcast app where you can be part of the show

The service is expected to launch later this year.