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Adobe, quit gouging us already!

Between making you rent all its products and charging steep cancelation fees, the Photoshop giant is ripping you off big time.


Everyone is wrong about Apple's 'overpriced' MagSafe Duo charger

I've been using Apple's $129 foldable 2-in-1 iPhone and Apple Watch wireless charger for three months and while it's no AirPower, the convenience is worth the money.

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The haters are wrong: Macro cameras on phones rule

Macro cameras let you take previously impossible super close-ups. They're not dumb. They're the most exciting thing to happen to phone cameras in years.

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It's time for movie theaters to die so movies can live again

Theaters are shuttering. Blockbusters are getting shelved. Studios are scrambling to find their way. That could be a good thing.

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The iPhone 12 Mini still isn’t small enough

With a 5.4-inch display, it's still bigger than the original iPhone SE.

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There are too many emoji and it has to stop

We've gone from creative innuendo and artistic interpretation to literalism that feels more like Newspeak than the future of communication.

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The hottest phone of 2020 is the BlackBerry Classic

It was made in 2014, doesn't have many working apps, and it totally rules.

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I thought non-alcoholic beer was liquid sadness. I was totally wrong.

Can you really keep the taste and lose the hangover? I found out.

This Thing Rules

Allbirds, trying to be cool in streetwear, teams up with Chinatown Market

The collab features one-off upcycled pieces designed by Nicole McLaughlin.


PlayStation's Zara sneaker is a serious downgrade from its Nike collab

And then there are the labor issues.


The perfectly pointless world of Marina Fujiwara's 'wasted creations'

Whimsical, magical, useless. All of these words describe the 27-year-old creator's inventions and projects. But they only scratch the surface.


The Apple exec wardrobe is Big Kohl's Energy

Start with a shirt that comes packaged in plastic.

WWDC 2020

Hermès made a ridiculous two-in-one roller skate sneaker for $4,450

Only $2,225 per function.


Boat shoes used to be for frat bros and rich dads only. Not anymore.

Thanks to brands like Sperry, Noah, and Rowing Blazers, the silhouette has been revitalized to have its streetwear moment.

Beyond The Yacht

I gave myself over to the pleasure of Crocs

These are the clogs I need in this difficult time.

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