Mehreen Kasana

Mehreen Kasana covers politics for Bustle. Her work includes digital media, race, and religion among other topics. She has been cited in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Al Jazeera America, Jadaliyya, BBC, Hazlitt, Guernica Magazine, etc. Previously, Mehreen was the Front Page Editor for The Huffington Post and staff writer for The Nation, Pakistan.

Instagram's bringing captions to Stories and, eventually, Reels

Good for those who want to consume content with the sound off, or those with disabilities.


9 long-awaited channels are coming to Hulu’s Live TV at no extra cost

But don’t be surprised if the bill looks different down the line.


Peloton’s making scenic rides useful and adding a pause button at last

The company is adding a handful of user-requested features to its connected exercise bikes and app.


You can now book a vaccine appointment through Uber

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has announced a host of new features in an attempt to stabilize Uber’s business.


TikTok names its new CEO and COO finally

The company’s leadership has been in flux since August 2020.


MoviePass cofounder’s new venture will incentivize you to watch game ads

Preshow Interactive wants to pay gamers in game-relevant currencies in exchange for watching advertisements.


‘Long Boi’ the comically large duck has inspired some glorious memes

Memes and odes for the duck that left our jaws on the floor.


Apple cuts down AirPods manufacturing as competition intensifies

The company’s share of the hearables market has declined in recent years as rival offerings have improved.


Gamer creates magical Harry Potter-verse in ‘Valheim’

You’re a wizard, Zabore!


Womp womp. NYPD is retiring its robot dog already because everyone hates it.

Well, that was short-lived.


Sony has sold almost 8 million PS5s and you still can't even get one

Scalpers and semiconductor shortages be damned, the love for the latest Sony console is undefeatable.


Oracle VP resorts to Twitter bullying after critical report, gets suspended

The latest development in the tech versus press wars.


‘What We Do In The Shadows’ is exactly what I needed to binge

Mix regal vampires with mundane modern problems, and you get the perfect mockumentary.

This Thing Rules

You can eat these crayons when you’re done drawing

From sweet potato to carrot, Oyasai crayons are named and colored after healthy produce.


Signia new hearing aids are disguised as wireless buds

The company hopes to combat the stigma that some people have about wearing hearing aids.


Sony is working on more PlayStation 5 exclusive games

The goal is to beat PlayStation 4 with more exclusive titles on PlayStation 5.


This all-black Lego masterpiece of the Ghanaian Empire will blow you away

Behold the mesmerizing, electrifying Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE.


Universally loathed content mill, Outbrain, confidentially filing for IPO

If you despise the recommended articles you see at the bottom of e-pages, you have Outbrain to blame.


An official ‘Assassin’s Creed’ children’s book is on the way

Do the kids get to learn about the Cult of Kosmos?


Clubhouse bugs let users vanish in rooms and disrupt them

Critics worry that Clubhouse doesn’t do nearly enough to protect its users’ privacy.