Kiwi fruits hanging on a tree

Cloudflare severs ties with Kiwi Farms, notorious hate-filled forum

One of the world's most toxic websites will no longer receive hosting from Cloudflare following what its CEO classified as a threat of "imminent danger."

Cute tamagotchi vector pattern, seamless repeat on light background. Flat illustration style in past...

How (and why) I bent the rules to raise a gay Tamagotchi

Fans have long lamented Bandai’s bias toward heteronormative dynamics.

Rose In Good Faith Plastic Soul sex toy clog in "Endless Black"

The viral dildo clogs are back in black

Rose In Good Faith is also offering to pay for three customers’ vasectomies.

Illustration of a person permashifting

Permashifters want out of this reality for good

TikTok popularized the concept of “shifting” one’s consciousness. But some people want to take it a huge step further.

Reddit logo artistic shot

Meet the volunteers fighting the most vile misogyny on Reddit

Members of r/BanFemaleHateSubs say the platform too often fails to do anything about vulgar and unlawful communities.

Illustration of Eve 6's Max Collins with hearts and question marks background

Marriage advice from the Eve 6 Guy and special guest Laura Jane Grace

Max Collins enlists fellow rocker Grace to help counsel a reader with a transitioning spouse.

Heart in a Blender
Rose in Good Faith Plastic Soul

The next great foam clog is made out of defective dildos

Rose In Good Faith partners with Doc Johnson on sexy and sustainable footwear.

INDIO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 19: Festival goers watch BLACKPINK perform during 2019 Coachella Valley Mu...

K-pop’s online community has a homophobia problem

LGBT fans say they’re subjected to bullying, slurs, and hypocritical attitudes.

Stan culture
Two professional wrestlers in black and white photo

Meet the men who fetishize obscure pro wrestlers on YouTube

Middle-aged gay guys congregate in the comments sections, reliving the glory days of watching “jobbers” grapple on fuzzy TV screens.


Gators Daily is the shitpost economy's apex predator

The Twitter account's rise to viral fame made absolute sense in the internet's ecosystem. What its creator did with it is another story entirely.

Model Tessa Kuragi nearly naked

Check out an online art exhibit of the censored and shadowbanned

Rankin Creative’s new project shines a light on what Instagram and TikTok don’t want you to see.

TikTok trans dad Danny Wakefield with their son, Wilder

TikTok’s trans and nonbinary dads are challenging gender norms

They’re out and proud on social media, transphobes be damned.

Father's Day
An eggplant wearing leather and studs pictured next to a peach wearing a jockstrap for Postmates' Bo...

Postmates' Bottom-Friendly Menu might be cool if it didn't rip off a queer creator

The food delivery service says it's created "the world's first" menu for the anal-sex-conscious, but The Bottom's Digest was a year ahead.

Savage X Fenty's second Pride collection honors the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Pride collection is even better than last year's

No shortage of cut-outs, rhinestones, and rainbow prints.

Versace "Chersace" Pride collection

Cher and Versace make Chersace, a Pride collection with ‘diva energy’

A $3,350 bedazzled shirt is the highlight of the limited-edition capsule.


Xbox drops flashy Pride controller to complement its paltry LGBTQ+ donation

Microsoft shows off its commitment to Pride, but a $170,000 donation to LGBTQ+ groups seems like a missed opportunity.

Gamer pride?