Future of Pleasure

Future of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of PleasureFuture of Pleasure
INDIO, CA - APRIL 17:  DJ Hudson Mohawke performs onstage during day 3 of the 2016 Coachella Valley ...

Redditor’s break-up story sends 11-year-old song viral again

Not many people would willingly have sex to "Cbat," let alone outline the process on a public forum.

Can't Handle the Cbat
Rose In Good Faith Plastic Soul sex toy clog in "Endless Black"

The viral dildo clogs are back in black

Rose In Good Faith is also offering to pay for three customers’ vasectomies.

Erotic tickling scene

Tickle fetishists say their kink is no laughing matter

People into tickling are sick and tired of being either ignored or mocked by more “hardcore” BDSM practitioners on TikTok.

Facepalm - A statue with its head in its hand

‘I thought my life was over’: Male sextortion victims speak out

For many, the nightmare lasts for months — or even years.

Illustration of Eve 6's Max Collins with hearts and question marks background

Marriage advice from the Eve 6 Guy and special guest Laura Jane Grace

Max Collins enlists fellow rocker Grace to help counsel a reader with a transitioning spouse.

Heart in a Blender

How social media is misleading beginner strippers

Veteran dancers say TikTok and YouTube make stripping look like easy money, glossing over the very real dangers of the job.

Occupational hazards
Rose in Good Faith Plastic Soul

The next great foam clog is made out of defective dildos

Rose In Good Faith partners with Doc Johnson on sexy and sustainable footwear.

Two professional wrestlers in black and white photo

Meet the men who fetishize obscure pro wrestlers on YouTube

Middle-aged gay guys congregate in the comments sections, reliving the glory days of watching “jobbers” grapple on fuzzy TV screens.


Toxic TikTok wants you to be your worst self

More and more influencers are encouraging bad behavior. The tone is tongue-in-cheek, but some followers are heeding their advice.

Social media
shirtless man take a selfie inside the bathroom

Twitter Circle and Instagram Close Friends raise questions of web consent

How can we consent to seeing others' most private moments without first being asked?

BDSM TikToker Maxwell

TikTok’s dom ‘daddies’ are bringing BDSM to Gen X women

These kinky creators enthrall their submissive fans, but it’s not an easy way to make a living.

RadioShack chief marketing officer Ábel Czupor

Meet the guy behind RadioShack’s horny Twitter account

Chief Marketing Officer Ábel Czupor is bringing the 100-year-old company into the sh*tposting era.

Model Tessa Kuragi nearly naked

Check out an online art exhibit of the censored and shadowbanned

Rankin Creative’s new project shines a light on what Instagram and TikTok don’t want you to see.

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 24:  An image of adult film actress Asa Akira is dispayed at the Pornhub boo...

Pornhub parent company CEO and COO resign amid continued scandal

Mindgeek has been mired in controversy for years.

The Proxy pipe

Puffco's new modular dab vape, Proxy, is a beautiful, beastly e-pipe

The Proxy brings ultra-portability to the cannabis concentrate experience, with a sleek build and 3D heating technology.

Illustration of Eve 6 singer Max Collins with thundercloud background

Miserable? The Eve 6 Guy offers tips for kicking depression in the ass.

Plus, ’90s rocker Max Collins doles out some tough love to a scorned musician.

Heart in a Blender