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This Thing Rules This Thing Rules This Thing Rules This Thing Rules This Thing Rules This Thing Rules This Thing Rules

This thing rules

Plus jasmine-scented dissolvable body wash strips

These no-waste body wash sheets are a new staple in my travel bag

Let your problems dissolve in the shower just like these Plus body wash pouches.

This Thing Rules
Tidbyt device surrounded by toy dinosaurs

Time, temperature, the price of Doge? They’re all on my Tidbyt.

This smart — but not too smart — screen is the perfect desk gadget.

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Charging your EV on the go is hell, but not if you have this app

Electrify America's app takes the extreme stress out of finding a public place to charge your EV.

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A plushy otter pictured wearing a baseball cap with the GPD Pocket 3 in its lap

GPD's Pocket 3 is the tiny laptop of my dreams

The 2-in-1 laptop/tablet is an 8-inch-wide productivity beast.

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Poolsuite FM is a summer oasis on even the longest work day

As much an aesthetic experience as it is an auditory one, Poolsuite FM is the ideal internet radio app for work or play.

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Weatherman Travel Umbrella

This $70 umbrella will stop the endless cycle of replacements

Weatherman's umbrellas were designed by an actual meteorologist.

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Why I bought this knockoff Theragun and you should too

Ekrin's B37 massage gun has been a godsend for my sore muscles. Best of all: It's cheaper than a brand name Theragun or Hyperice Hypervolt.

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Esorara Ice Roller

This $20 ice roller going viral on TikTok cured my hangovers

TikTok really came through with the Esarora Ice Roller. After testing, I can say it’s a must-have for hot summer nights (and the mornings that follow).

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Olympus XA film camera review

The Olympus XA is the perfect film camera for a newbie like me

The Olympus XA is one of the smallest film cameras ever made — and it takes good pictures, too.

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Chaco's Chillos slides

Chaco’s Chillos slides are my boomer sandals of choice

My 62-year-old father put me on to the lightweight sandals which work best on the youth basketball circuit, but will largely be confined to pools and hikes.

This Thing Rules is still up and still amazing

123Greetings is still up and still amazing

Yes, the e-card/digital greetings service is still online. And yes, it never got a Web 2.0 makeover. Thank god!

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Crazy Eddie tee shirt

Missing your childhood haunts? Check out this retro T-shirt goldmine.

Online retailer Local Vyntage offers faux vintage shirts and hoodies from establishments of yore.

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Shokz OpenSwim review: Underwater headphones that really work

As a swimmer, the Shokz OpenSwim underwater headphones changed my life

If you need me, I'll be listening to podcasts in the pool.

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You can get Apple's best Lightning cable only if you... buy an iMac

How to get Apple’s awesome, braided Lightning cable since it’s not sold separately

Why won't Apple sell this beautiful, durable, Lightning cable separately?

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I bought this Nesco food dehydrator and embraced my inner doomsday prepper

NESCO's affordable, simple 5-tray dehydrator helps me cut down on food waste as I await the End Times.

This Thing Rules
Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked

Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked

A spiraling chamber insert softens the flow of smoke, meaning no scorched throats or choking on Scooby snacks.

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