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This $20 ice roller going viral on TikTok cured my hangovers

TikTok really came through with the Esarora Ice Roller. After testing, I can say it’s a must-have for hot summer nights (and the mornings that follow).


Summer is officially upon us, marking the season for weddings, nights out with friends, and days spent at the beach. It’s one of the best times of the year — but if you’re like me, it’s also when you’re experiencing peak hangovers and overall sweating.

Aspirin and air conditioning are two good remedies for the ailments that summer brings, but ahead of the season, I sought a refreshing alternative (or rather, additive). I had previously stayed loyal to a jade roller I kept in my freezer, but it heated up quickly and only covered small portions of my body at a time, making it less convenient when I wanted to cool down or ease a headache.

TikTok — a prime market for recommendations, even those you don’t need — helped me discover the Esarora Ice Roller, an under-$20 tool that promised to alleviate hangovers, soothe acne and redness, get rid of facial puffiness, and cool you down in general. TikTok videos praised the ice roller as a jade roller but better, comparing it to the sensation of rubbing an ice cube on your face. As an above-average sweaty person looking to keep the good times (literally) rolling this summer, I had to give it a try.

Roll with it

After washing the ice roller and leaving it in my freezer overnight, I began to maneuver the tool across my face, starting from the middle and working outward as I would with a jade roller. At first touch, the ice roller gave me a bit of a temperature shock, although that feeling was quickly replaced by a soothing cooling sensation.

The immediate effects from the ice roller were obvious: Only a few minutes after rolling the tool around my face and neck, I felt more awake and my skin felt tighter, as if I had just had a facial. My skin was significantly less red than usual while my under eyes were less puffy, although it’s worth noting that the size of the ice roller made it hard to roll around my eye area. I could easily see how the experience would alleviate a headache, hangover, or heatstroke — but was it really that easy?

This is exactly what I look like hungover, FYI. Esorara

As a dedicated reviewer, I went out one night with the full intention of using the ice roller the next morning, post-drinks and dancing. After hearing too many ‘00s hits, I woke up with many symptoms that needed to be remedied, including but not limited to a pounding headache, facial puffiness, dehydration, and dark under eyes. I stumbled to my fridge, mumbled a quick prayer, and whipped out the ice roller.

Sweet relief ensued. With fervor, I rolled the tool around my face, cooling down my skin and immediately de-puffing the area. My headache, while not totally gone, was diminished with just a few minutes of rolling. And as the tool warmed up to my skin — which took a good 156 minutes thanks to the device’s insulation — it even felt like the roller moisturized my face with its condensation. The tool wasn’t a complete hangover cure, but when paired with aspirin and water, it definitely made a difference.

TikTok really came through with its recommendation.

I’ve been using the Esarora Ice Roller for a few weeks now and haven’t noticed any long-term effects touted on its packaging, like shrunken pores or minimized fine lines. But for what I really wanted the device to do — provide headache relief, reduce puffiness under my eyes, and give me a cooling sensation — it continues to deliver, and for less than $20. TikTok really came through with its recommendation, and now I’m telling you the same: The Esarora Ice Roller will change your life (or at least, your hangovers).

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