Tom Maxwell

Scammers tricked dating app users into investing $1.4M in fake crypto apps

Despite tough App Store moderation, scam apps can still make their way onto iOS. But it requires a lot of social engineering work.


This stylish electric motorbike folds up to fit under your desk

Japanese startup Icoma plans to bring the Tatamel to production.


‘Stardew Valley’ developer’s next game involves chocolate and ghosts

Watch a preview of the awesomely named “ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier.”

Sneak peek

Waste not! Heinz’s ‘packet roller’ extracts every last drop of ketchup

The limited-edition item can fit on a keychain and go with you everywhere.


Instagram introduces desktop uploads because nothing is sacred anymore

For years, the photo sharing app only allowed users to upload photos and video from a smartphone.


‘Openbike’ is an open-source wooden bicycle you can make from plywood

The project is less about the bike itself, and more about promoting the idea that everyone should think about their role protecting the environment.


Zillow has been buying so many homes it can’t even keep up with itself

The company, which has been buying up and flipping homes, is taking a break because there aren’t enough workers to do the jobs.


Instagram Collabs let you co-author posts with your more popular friends

People already credit their friends for helping capture a moment. Now Instagram is turning that into a feature.


The Orba palm-sized music sequencer can now help you create music videos

Orbacam syncs visual effects to the beat of whatever music you’re playing on the Orba, making it easy to create shareable music videos.


A real, working version of the Fisher-Price phone is the epitome of 'I'm baby'

The Chatter's rotary dial actually works for placing calls.


A startup raised $1.2 million to create mini nuclear reactors

The compact nuclear reactor would fit in a shipping container and power up to 1,000 homes, according to Radiant Nuclear.


Square might build its own bitcoin mining rigs

The schematics would be open source so that businesses and individuals could earn money by running critical infrastructure for the bitcoin network.


Facebook will add 10K jobs in Europe to create Zuckerberg's metaverse dream

The CEO is bullish on the idea that people will someday work, play, and socialize in a virtual universe powered by Oculus.


Apple Music's new $5 voice-only plan is a return to the iPod shuffle

If you can only access Apple Music via Siri, you'll probably only be shuffling your tunes.


An electrified Aston Martin DB6 is the new car of our dreams

Classic swagger without any of the fume-spewing guilt.


Google can now help you tune your guitar... or uke, or bass, or whatever

Just search for "Google tuner" and you'll get an easy-to-use chromatic tuner.

Very sharp

EA says it is exploring the idea of renaming the 'FIFA' franchise

The next game in the series may be called something else, though it will likely otherwise remain the same franchise everyone loves.


Elon Musk says Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas

Did anyone let him know that it's illegal to sell cars directly to consumers there?


Duolingo will expand from language learning into mathematics

It hopes that it can making learning math more fun than looking at TikTok. Good luck with that.


Cops really do use warrants to track down people Googling suspect terms

"Reverse warrants" let police demand information on everyone searching specific keywords in Google.