Waste not! Heinz’s ‘packet roller’ extracts every last drop of ketchup

The limited-edition item can fit on a keychain and go with you everywhere.

Heinz released a limited edition "packet roller" that makes it easy to extract sauce from a packet.

Straight out of the R&D labs of Heinz is the company’s first, keychain-sized “packet roller,” a small device that can extract extra last drop of ketchup out of its condiment packets (or any other type of sauce packet, for that matter).

The item looks like a miniature version of the iconic Heinz glass bottle. A slot near the cap includes a blade that will slide a corner off your packet, while a larger slot in the middle lets you slide your packet in. The user then rotates the keychain to pull in the packet; the device squeezes out the tomato-y goodness using a set of rollers. That’s innovation, folks.

If you’re someone who needs something like this, we’re a little concerned. But it is a clever marketing device, and Heinz has been selling them for just $5.70. Unfortunately, the company appears to be sold out of the device on the official website.

PR stunt — A description on the product website reads “Do not click ‘purchase’ unless you are prepared to change everything about the way you sauce.” We do love a bit of hyperbole!

Obviously it’s just a marketing gimmick — something you show off to your friends as you laugh about how sad it is that you eat so much fast food you’d need this. But honestly, the roller isn’t a terrible idea. It’s like the bottle openers that everyone keeps on their keychain, but for condiments. If Heinz is indeed totally sold out of them, someone else should market their own version.

In other sauce packet innovation news, Taco Bell recently launched a program wherein customers fill a box with used sauce packets and mail them to a special recycling facility once the box gets full. This program pairs perfectly with Heinz’s roller, ensuring your environmental footprint is as minimal as possible. Of course, if you’re consuming this much sauce, you might want to rethink your diet.