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Time, temperature, the price of Doge? They’re all on my Tidbyt.

This smart — but not too smart — screen is the perfect desk gadget.

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John Hinckley Jr. speaks: ‘I’m trying to not dwell on the past’

The man who shot Reagan is now totally free. He talks about his music career and the concept of redemption with Eve 6 frontman Max Collins.


Missing your childhood haunts? Check out this retro T-shirt goldmine.

Online retailer Local Vyntage offers faux vintage shirts and hoodies from establishments of yore.

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Diplo on going solo, buying Apes, and being ‘unabashedly crazy’ online

The jet-setting DJ also addresses those misconduct allegations: “For somebody else, it might be something that would destroy them.”


This workhorse rock tumbler makes righteous gemstones

The National Geographic tumbler, um, rocks.

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Exclusive: Stormy Daniels reveals details of her ‘Trump dress’ NFT sale

The former porn star is auctioning off an NFT featuring the dress she wore the night she allegedly had sex with Donald Trump. The winner also gets the garment itself.


I love that my phone service, Credo Mobile, isn't evil

To hell with AT&T. I'd rather (over)pay for Credo Mobile cell service and help progressive causes with my monthly bill.

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Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry on the 7 devices she can’t live without

From her MacBook Air to her smart alarm clock, these are some of the singer’s favorite screens.


The Eve 6 guy ranks his very best tweets

Nineties musician Max Collins is renowned for his provocative Twitter posts. He tells Input the stories behind 7 classics.


LiveLeak cofounder on why the notorious video site shut down

RIP LiveLeak, the go-to destination for clips too graphic for YouTube. Hayden Hewitt reflects on 15 years of shock and awe.


I didn’t find the Tommy Bahama beach chair — it found me

I had no idea a trip to the Rockaways would change the way I look at folding chairs forever.

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Kevin Smith on selling his film as an NFT: ‘I don’t care about the money’

The ‘Clerks’ director tells Input why he’s auctioning off the rights to his upcoming horror flick ‘Killroy Was Here.’


Meet 10 everyday folks vying for a free seat on that SpaceX moon mission

A stand-up comic! A truck driver! A 15-year-old kid! They’re all entering Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa’s once-in-a-lifetime contest.


Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin is addicted to TikTok. These are her 7 faves.

The musician is “obsessed” with videos of food prep and howling huskies.

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WTF is an NFT? Allow Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda to explain

The rapper/producer talks to Input about launching his new single, “Happy Endings,” via a blockchain-backed auction site.


7 days in quarantine with Steve Aoki

We checked in with the superstar DJ, currently sheltering in place in Las Vegas, over the course of one very busy week.

Pandemic diary

7 days in quarantine with Rachelle Vinberg, star of HBO's 'Betty'

We checked in with the skateboarder/actress, currently holed up in her Brooklyn apartment, every day for a week.

Pandemic diary

I gave myself over to the pleasure of Crocs

These are the clogs I need in this difficult time.

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Father of murdered reporter Alison Parker takes on YouTube: “They perpetrate evil every single day”

Google’s response to his FTC complaint about graphic videos is “the same shit that I’ve been hearing for the last four years,” Andy Parker tells Input.


The best thru hiking backpack for beginners

When the trail is long you need something better

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