Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry on the 7 devices she can’t live without

From her MacBook Air to her smart alarm clock, these are some of the singer’s favorite screens.

The indie synth-pop band Chvrches
Sebastian Mlynarski & Kevin J Thomson

The Scottish synth-pop trio Chvrches’ excellent new album is called Screen Violence, which was an early proposed name for the band. “We initially came up with ‘Screen Violence’ because we all love that era of horror movies — the David Cronenberg-y Videodrome type space,” says singer Lauren Mayberry.

Chvrches explores horror tropes on the new album, its fourth. “Every song has a reference to something in the cinematic or horror movie universe,” Mayberry says. The band even teamed up with Halloween director John Carpenter, himself a musician, on a split 7-inch.