Input’s got you covered with goods and gear if you’re just a bit too stoned to doomscroll this 4/20…

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Jacques Cousteau’s grandson has launched his own exploration into seaweed and cannabis

Philippe Cousteau, alongside his wife Ashlan, created SeaWeed Naturals to combine the healing features of seaweed, kelp, and algae with the health benefits of cannabis.

High seas

This mother-daughter duo is harnessing the healing power of cannabis

After surviving a rare endometrial cancer, Nicole Skibola co-founded a health-oriented cannabis company with her mother Christine Skibola, PhD.

A higher power

Vessel's 'Helix' one-hitter is the smoothest chillum I've ever toked

A spiraling chamber insert softens the flow of smoke, meaning no scorched throats or choking on Scooby snacks.

This Thing Rules 4/20

This ‘designer’ bong and pipe set costs $250, and it’s worth every penny

These Session Goods pieces turned a joint-lover into a glass-lover.


Meet TikTok’s cannamoms, mothers who proudly smoke weed

“We use cannabis, and we are productive as f*ck,” says one.


The Eve 6 Guy’s advice on quitting weed and hooking up with rock stars

Extremely online ’90s musician Max Collins returns for a very special 4/20 edition of his column.

Heart in a Blender

Nike SB’s ‘Fruity Pack’ Dunks are the perfect 4/20 sneakers

No confirmation, but there’s a strong chance they’re pegged to the holiday.


Nike's legendary ‘Strawberry Cough’ Dunk High sneaker is finally dropping

The cannabis-themed sneaker — originally slated for release on 4/20/2020 — is launching this month.


Nike’s mythical ‘Strawberry Cough’ Dunk sneakers may finally drop soon

After being delayed by the pandemic last year, official imagery of the Nike SB shoes has arrived — signaling an imminent launch. Hopefully.


Vessel Compass review: My new favorite way to vape oil cartridges

High Quality

Medical marijuana packaging has a major accessibility problem

The package design is failing the very people the product is intended for.


How Nike’s 4/20 sneakers went from experiment to an iconic tradition

The brand’s weed-themed shoes have become popular not just among skaters, but also sneakerheads, collectors, and, of course, stoners.

High Hopes

The best vapes, CBD gummies, and weed gadgets according to Twitter

We asked and you answered: Here’s everything you need for a ripping 4/20.


Extra Butter's 4/20 ‘Dazed and Confused’ merch is alright, alright, alright

A classic stoner film gets the collab it deserves.


Nike welcomes 4/20 with its flowery ‘Hawaii’ SB Dunk High sneaker

Celebrating loud Hawaiian print and loud tropical strains.


Adidas celebrates 4/20 with a stoner sneaker of Towelie from ‘South Park’

A pair of “Campus 80” with absolutely zonked eyes.