Samuel Polay

Samuel Polay is a freelance tech reviewer for Inverse and previously wrote for Input. He covers gaming and consumer technology and loves going in deep on emerging technologies.

Samuel lives in Austin, Texas. He is a proud cat-dad.

The 6 best cases for your Galaxy Z Fold 4

These cases offer a balance of style and protection for those who need some peace of mind about protecting the $1,800 folding phone in their pocket.


The 7 best cases for your Galaxy Z Flip 4

Get a case for your new folding phone that offers protection without making it a Samsung-branded brick in your pocket.


Belkin’s Soundform Immerse earbuds do Find My better than AirPods

Belkin’s impressive Find My network integration sets the Soundform Immerse apart, but everything else from sound quality to comfort is average at best.


JBL Live Free 2 review: Stellar ANC meets horrible music quality

For $150, JBL’s freshest-looking wireless earbuds deliver great ANC and call quality, but the music experience spoils what could have been a great package.


The 6 best soundbars under $300 to get your dad for Father’s Day

Dad deserves a sound experience that's better than a TV's terrible built-in speakers. These budget soundbars are an easy, hassle-free upgrade.

Father's Day

The 11 best wireless earbuds and headphones to get dad for Father's Day

If your dad is still clinging to a pair of Apple EarPods grasping for life, here are 11 great wireless earbuds and headphones to look at for Father’s Day.

Father's Day

I almost gave up my AirPods Pro for Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless 3

The Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds have improved ANC, Qi-charging, and a new $250 price, but a few bugs keep them from true greatness.


Can Snapdragon Sound make wireless audio on Android as good as AirPods?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound platform promises huge leaps in Android audio quality but also new levels of lock-in.


The $130 Sennheiser Sport wireless earbuds are gym bag champs

The Sennheiser Sport wireless earbuds make for weak daily drivers, but their fitness-focused design is perfect for workouts.


Why LED light bulbs are the secret to a happier home

Swapping the bulbs in my home with LEDs made my work from home life better. Here’s what to keep in mind when upgrading your lighting.

Spring Cleaning Issue

How Dolby Atmos is revolutionizing everything we listen to

Streaming made Dolby Atmos the standard for TV and movies, now Dolby wants the 3D audio to be a part of everything we listen to including games and live music.


How bad can $15 wireless earbuds from the gas station really be?

We tested six pairs of dirt-cheap wireless earbuds that cost between $15 to $30 to see just how much you actually get. Shockingly, they were not all garbage.


How to organize and tidy up every loose charging cable in your home

Is your home plagued by messy wires? Here’s how to keep the charging chaos wrangled with wireless chargers, cable organizers, and velcro ties.

Spring Cleaning Issue

VR needs to address the huge motion sick elephant in the room

My severe motion sickness prevents me from playing tons of games, I don’t want to be left out of mainstream VR, too, especially if the metaverse pans out.

VR Week 2022

The 7 best over-ear ANC headphones that aren’t Beats

Nobody can dispute that Beats headphones are stylish. But if you're looking to make your fit stand out or just want superior sound or features, these are the ANC headphones you want.


Wyze Buds Pro review: $90 wireless earbuds that have it all?

With ANC, wireless charging, and a comfortable fit, the Wyze Buds Pro sounded too good to be true for $90 wireless earbuds. But they're surprisingly impressive.


6 lessons from Arceus Game Freak should take into Scarlet and Violet

"Pokémon Legends: Arceus" saved Pokémon for me. Now, with the next installment announced, Game Freak needs to deliver on its promises.


Bluetooth LE Audio is going to change the entire wireless audio game

Bluetooth LE Audio promises to bring AirPods’ best features like multi-device syncing and audio sharing to every earbud and headphone, in addition to better sound quality, lower latency, and that's just scratching the surface.


The 10 best TVs under $800 to get for a last-minute Super Bowl party

From 55” to massive 75” screen sizes, these TVs manage to stay affordable while still providing some pretty good performance for Super Bowl LVI.

Super Bowl

Shure Aonic 40 review: Impressive ANC sound with tons of cut features

These $250 wireless active noise cancellation headphones sound great for their price, but tradeoffs on comfort and mic quality may be too much for some.