Google's Stadia

Google’s Stadia finally comes to iOS / Nintendo’s toxic relationship with its biggest fans

On this episode, we dive into 2020’s top pastime: gaming.

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Crocs outdoor clogs

How online beat markets are forever changing music / How Crocs won 2020

On this episode, we talk about digital beats and plastic clogs.

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Apple Fitness+ app

Apple’s Fitness+ workouts are actually fun / A mind-shattering male sex toy

On this episode, we talk about getting fit and getting off.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Why Facebook and Apple are feuding / Facebook wants to read your mind

On this episode, we talk about the garbage company known as Facebook.

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Harley-Davidson’s rad new e-bikes / A mobile power generator for preppers on a budget

On this episode, Input/Output goes electric!

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electric transportation mashup

Ultralight titanium gifts for the holidays / The best battery-powered bikes, scooters, and more

On this episode, we get into the holiday spirit with a couple of rad gift guides.

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Apple AirPods Max headphones

Are Apple’s AirPods Max headphones worth $549? / Sony’s rumored next-gen PlayStation Portable

On this episode, we express skepticism about Apple’s over-ear headphones and Sony’s possible new handheld gaming system.

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How to beautify your PS5 / Please stop making new emoji!

On this episode, we’ve got stories for gamers and for texters.

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GMC’s Hummer goes electric / BMW unveils its sleek, all-electric iX SUV

On this episode, we talk about two exciting new eco-friendly sport utility vehicles.

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Set Isometric line Face recognition, Oath on the Holy Bible, Envelope and Head with law. Blue square...

5G conspiracy theorists are screwing up their Wi-Fi / Massachusetts poised to ban facial recognition by cops

On this episode, we talk about crackpot theories and police reform legislation.

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Disney's Ratatouille

TikTok’s fantastic Ratatouille the Musical / Nike’s legendary ‘Freddy Krueger’ SB Dunks

On this episode, we talk about two extremely inspired — and extremely unofficial — movie spin-offs.


Has Netflix become a ripoff? / How Biden’s FCC will improve the internet

On this episode, we look at how the price of Netflix is going up while the price of internet service may be going down.

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Comcast Xfinity service vehicle.

Comcast will throttle all its internet customers / How Facebook plans to suck up to Joe Biden

On this episode, we talk about a couple of greedy tech companies.

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Google Nest Audio smart speaker

Apple ushers in a new MacBook era / Google’s mind-blowing Nest Audio smart speaker

On this episode, we talk about some of the awesome new tech devices for your holiday wishlist.

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Stüssy x Birkenstock.

Death to YouTube’s annual Rewind video / How “dadcore” fashion took over

On this episode, we talk about how the pandemic is affecting year-end traditions and our everyday fashion choices.

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'Chopping Mall' sci-fi horror movie

Our Blade Runner dystopia / We’re living in a cheesy horror movie

On this episode, we’ve got differing opinions about which film our screwed-up civilization most resembles.

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