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Google’s Stadia finally comes to iOS / Nintendo’s toxic relationship with its biggest fans

On this episode, we dive into 2020’s top pastime: gaming.

Google's Stadia

Sadly, the Input/Output podcast is going on indefinite hiatus, so this is the last episode for the foreseeable future. Many thanks to our producer and host, Mark Yarm; our audio engineer, Serge Zbrizher; the folks who operate behind the scenes, Nicole Dalessandro and Chelsea Szmania; our weekly guest hosts Ryan Houlihan and Joshua Topolsky; and all of the many folks we’ve had on the show along the way. Don’t despair though: The archive of past shows will always be available here. Thanks for listening!

Google recently launched its Stadia gaming platform on iOS and iPadOS, making it the first major game-streaming service available for Apple's ecosystem. To work around Apple's App Store regulations, the company has been forced to produce a progressive web app – and it works perfectly. Input editor Ryan Houlihan and editor in chief Joshua Topolsky join us to discuss the news.

And later: Nintendo’s relationship with its fans has been on a slow downward spiral as of late. In 2020, despite booming fan culture, Nintendo has kept its most vocal customers at arm’s length through legal maneuvers and an army of PR people, according to a recent Input story by Samuel Polay. Ryan and Joshua talk about this turn of events.

On this episode — the last before Input/Output goes on indefinite hiatus — we dive into 2020’s top pastime: gaming.

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