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How online beat markets are forever changing music / How Crocs won 2020

On this episode, we talk about digital beats and plastic clogs.

Ian Servantes/Input Mag

The rapper Lil Nas X famously purchased the instrumental for his No. 1 hit “Old Town Road'' through the site BeatStars. The rise of sites like BeatStars and TrakTrain, where musical beats are bought and sold, has changed the way the music business works forever. Writer Seth King recently explored this paradigm shift for Input. He stops by the show to talk about his piece.

And later: The once-maligned footwear company Crocs had a huge year, collaborating with everyone from the brand Chinatown Market to the musician Bad Bunny. But it took a collaboration with designer Nicole McLaughlin to get Input news writer Ian Servantes fully onboard with the plastic clogs. Ian joins us to discuss.

On this episode of Input/Output, we talk about digital beats and plastic clogs.

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