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Tivoli Audio's collab with Ghostly is design perfection

A little slice of analog love in a super digital world.

Boston-based Tivoli Audio has made a name for itself with its analog-heavy, retro-styled audio products, especially its Model One Radio, which offers the simplicity of three dials and a vintage-furniture finish but hides plenty of contemporary features. To make matters even sweeter, Tivoli has gone and collaborated with Ghostly, the independent record label that's home to musical luminaries like Tycho, Phantogram, and Com Truise.

On Wednesday, both companies announced the partnership's offspring: The classic Model One BT in an extremely limited Ghostly edition. And we do mean extremely. Only 15 first editions have been made, and yes, they've sold out. But we're hoping a second edition follows with a slightly higher unit count.

An ode to analog beauty — "Modernist, but with a clear penchant for dials and knobs in a digital world," is how Ghostly describes Tivoli's radio bearing the iconic labels logo. The Ghostly edition is expected to take up little space and still deliver top-notch audio quality, as is the Tivoli way.

You can stream via Bluetooth or give that other analog favorite — a turntable — a chance with the help of RCAs. If you're one to keep things simple, don't worry, you can easily hop on to your favorite radio station, too. The radio comes with auxiliary input and weighs a little over 4 lbs.

Ghostly / Tivoli Audio

A consolation playlist — Couldn't grab yourself your very own Ghostly radio? That's a bummer, for sure, but don't worry, the two companies got together to create a playlist featuring some of Ghostly's finest (and others) to keep the spirit of collaboration alive... while also giving the 15 lucky buyers of the radio something to test it with.

In order to celebrate its collaboration with Tivoli Audio, Ghostly uploaded a rather beautiful "productivity" playlist to Spotify, which you can zone out to here. The playlist features artists like Hermeto Pascoal, Pusine, Park Hye Jin, Space Afrika, The Books, Kamaal Williams, Shigeto, Nigil Caenaan, Little Dragon, Gold Panda, Broken Social Scene, Helios, and more.

It's a shame that the model is a limited edition offer. The design is crisp and utilitarian while the emphasis on analog functionality is classic Tivoli, and a great contrast with Ghostly thoroughly modern, largely electronic sensibilities. Also, we love the understated, monochromatic palette.

But Ghostly is known for constantly experimenting with other musicians, artists, concepts, and companies. So keep an eye on the official Ghostly blog to learn about other similarly exciting collabs, merch, and gadgets.