Finally, a bean emoji

Emoji 14.0 will bring 107 new emoji to your keyboards, whenever it arrives.


Hopefully you were sitting down before you read that headline. The bean emoji has officially been approved for release on Android devices, along with 106 others. All praise the bean.

The bean emoji is part of the Emoji 14.0 release batch, which was approved in mid-September for general use. Now Google’s Android team has officially given its own green light to the list. So far Android has technically only announced their approval for Android 2L, a version of Google’s software for large-screened devices.


If you couldn’t tell, we are very excited about the ability to finally express our feelings about beans in emoji form. The full list of new emoji includes plenty of other notable additions, though. Like a smiley face that’s holding back tears, for example — very relatable.

The only catch here is that we don’t yet know when these will be available for general use.

Smileys — There are seven new smiley face emoji in Emoji 14.0, all of which will make welcome additions to our keyboards. The holding-back-tears emoji is an early favorite, but the melting face emoji will definitely see plenty of use, too.


Gestures — The update also includes seven new hand gestures, including Heart Hands, Index Pointing at the Viewer, and Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed, which will surely be abused by the gesture-loving Italian-American community.


Pregnancy — There are two new gender-neutral emoji figures in Emoji 14.0: a person wearing a crown and a pregnant person. There’s also a pregnant man emoji, for when you need to discuss Lil Nas X’s latest album rollout, among other things.


There’s also a disembodied lip-biting emoji that looks…suspiciously like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I can’t be the only one who sees this, right?Lin-Manuel Miranda

Etcetera, etcetera — As always, this emoji update also includes a number of seemingly random objects. This time around that includes a green troll, a bird’s nest, a disco ball, an empty jar, and, yes, beans.


But when will we have them? — The answer to that question is very much up to each individual developer. Apple and Google each need to finalize their own designs for these emoji before they can be packaged with a software release and sent out to the masses. Platforms like Twitter create their own versions of new emoji, too.

According to Emojipedia, the rollout of these emoji is expected “either in late 2021 or throughout 2022.” Last year’s big emoji update came to Apple devices in early November, so maybe we’ll see them before the year’s out. The company hasn’t yet announced which software release will include the new emoji.

The new emoji are something to look forward to, anyway. Unless you’re Joshua Topolsky and hate fun, that is.