What to get the streetwear lover in your life for Valentine's Day

Love is more than just a look.

StrangeLove Skateboards

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now, you’re probably in deep, emotional thought about what you can get for the person (or people) you have a deep affection for. And if that’s someone who’s into streetwear or sneakers, well, thankfully for you there are no shortage of options on the internet. Not everything you’ll find is Valentine’s Day-themed, which is great because you want your purchase to be functional year-round and not only on a day that celebrates both love and consumerism. So take a look at these items that no hypebeast would turn down, and hopefully you’ll find one that’s right for your loved one.

This collaboration between Nike and California-based skate shop StrangeLove Skateboards is the perfect combo. It’s an iconic sneaker style, the SB Dunk Low, and it has a Valentine’s Day theme. In pure hypebeast form, it sold out in seconds when it dropped earlier this month, but you can still find it on resale apps like GOAT starting at around $420, depending on the size you want.

It doesn’t get more extra than an Anti Social Social Club sex toy, but isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Again, like many products hypebeasts seek, this one also sold out in seconds. That said, you can find it on resale sites like Depop — still brand new, unused, of course — for about $40. The A. S. S. C. x Tenga sex toy is, one could say, the perfect drip.

Few accessories come in more handy than an external charger for your smartphone, and this one from Mophie just happens to be a collaboration with streetwear lord Supreme. The brands have worked together on a few of these, but I would go for the Powerstation Wireless, which is Qi-enabled and offers about 48 hours of extra juice. You can find it on Grailed for about $150, in black or Supreme’s traditional red color.

Look, your significant other is going to need somewhere to store that Supreme battery pack and those tight pants they wear won’t do the trick. Here’s where The North Face’s Explore BLT Fanny Pack-S comes in. This durable waist bag is designed to hold a slew of small, daily essentials, like hand sanitizer, keys, or earbuds that they may want to carry around. Best of all, it’s only $49. What a deal.

No streetwear aficionado’s closet would be complete without a pair of all-white Air Force 1 lows sneakers. They’re just perfect for everything, from going to the bodega to pick up a bagel at 8AM on a Saturday morning, to hitting the club late on a Friday night. Best of all, it’s a unisex style and you can get a pair for only $90 — which is a small price to pay for looking fresh every day.

If your lover is going to be a real hypebeast, the best way to ensure that is with Off-White’s yellow “Industrial” belt. Kids in Japan have been wearing it for years, but now that trend has spilled over to the U.S., where you see the belt on anything from fanny packs to camera straps. As someone who owns one, all I can tell you is that it does its job well: it keeps my pants from falling down. The fact that it’s loud is just a plus. Like the sound of that? You can get one now for $215.

A great streetwear fit needs a pair of wireless earbuds to match, and hypebeasts everywhere have made Apple’s AirPods Pro the earwear of choice. They have an unobtrusive look and they sound good, so you can’t really ask for much more than that for $249. The next time you run into a hypebeast on the streets, pay attention and I guarantee you they’ll be wearing AirPods. You have my word.

AirPods Pro are good enough for most people, but if you really, really want to show someone you truly love them, Louis Vuitton’s new Horizon Earphones are the way to go. These wireless earbuds are sleek, have better life than the AirPods (10 hours total), and they sound fantastic. Yes, they're $1,090, but that’s just the cost of trying to live the high-fashion life.