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NFTs suck, but these ‘Hellraiser’ Pinhead collectibles are awesome

Warning: They’re not cheap.

Masters of Horror
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NFTs can be pretty horrible. Many are quick cash grabs, and some are just out-and-out racist. The more one gazes into the abyssal realm of the NFT, the more one comes to feel they have been misled, tricked, hoodwinked.

But this official Hellraiser Pinhead NFT drop is perhaps the first project we’ve seen and thought, “You know what? Screw it. This tracks.”

The blockchain — you opened it, they came.

Hey, did you know Adam Scott is in Hellraiser IV: Bloodline? It’s true! Just thought you should know.Masters of Horror

Sure, why the hell not? — Here’s the release teaser trailer, which features Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley, saying that he and the Cenobites are here “to tear the blockchain apart.” (If only, Pinhead, if only.)

The official NFT release tied to the iconic horror franchise is apparently the first in the “Masters of Horror” collection utilizing something called Boss Protocol and its proprietary Boss Wallet, which is designed for entertainment industry NFT tie-ins and other digital collectibles. We think. Honestly, it’s a little complicated.

A devil’s bargain — Pinhead NFTs start at 0.055ETH, or roughly $3,700 for one of the 10,000 individualized artworks. However, each of those NFTs also gets you a physical, “high-quality archival-quality Giclée print” of the image designed by Hollywood concept artist Miles Teves.

For those of you on more of a budget, a simple download of the Boss Wallet gets you 1,000 Boss tokens, 500 of which can be used to redeem a free Pinhead puzzle box NFT — in other words, another Hellraiser fan art GIF.

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