Here's your first official look at Japan's Super Nintendo World

It's... beautiful.

As a famous, diminutive, stereotypical Italian plumber once said: "Here-ah we go!" After years of hype (and one serious, pandemic-induced delay), Super Nintendo World (née Super Nintendo Land) is poised to open at Universal Studios Japan early next year. We've had some sneaky snapshots of the theme park in recent weeks, but now we've got our first official looks at the place, and folks... it's pretty badass.

Happy Early Valentine's Day for Mario fans — ‌It's official. On February 4, 2021, Super Nintendo World will open its presumably canonically accurate, vibrantly colored gates for fans lucky enough to be both free of COVID-19 and living in Japan. According to the official press release, the new section within Universal Studios Japan will include attractions like a massive recreation of Bowser's Castle and a beautiful-looking Mario Kart ride that will utilize "a number of world-class video technologies such as AR, projection mapping, and screen projection images."

We'd walk barefoot over miles of red spiny shells to get here.Nintendo/Universal Studios
Eat your heart out, Tesla.Nintendo/Universal Studios
A much needed improvement for Google Glass.Nintendo/Universal Studios

Earlier than expected may not be a great idea — The official opening date is potentially a nice little surprise, since last we heard Super Nintendo World was slated to start up sometime next spring. Moving it up a few months seems to indicate just how enthusiastic Nintendo and Universal Studios are to begin turning a profit on their long-delayed investment, although with the COVID-19 pandemic nowhere near finished (not to mention that the park's location, Osaka, is currently a viral hotspot), we're not sure just how wise an idea this is. But... it all looks so damn good! Surely something this well-crafted can't be a vector for viral transmission! (EDITORS NOTE: Yes. Yes it can.)

Thank you, Mario. But our vaccine is in another castle.Nintendo/Universal Studios

As Bloomberg notes, Super Nintendo World does seem a bit small, all things considered, so that only adds to public health worries. That said, park officials have apparently said that, for now, the area in Universal Studios Japan will operate at half capacity and implement "hygiene enhancement measures" until we're out of the woods. Or, at least, until Donkey Kong World opens up next to it... oh yes, hadn't you heard? There will also be a Donkey Kong World soon.