Tesla’s delivering its first 15 Chinese-made Model 3s on Monday

They’re destined for Tesla employees.

VCG/Visual China Group/Getty Images

Reuters reports the first Model 3 cars made in Tesla’s Shanghai facility will be delivered on December 30. The 15 cars are for Tesla employees, but deliveries to consumers are expected to start before January 25.

The Chinese Gigafactory started production in October, which is impressive considering it only broke ground in January. It’s the first Tesla factory outside of the U.S. and is expected to enable the automaker to sell the Model 3 for as much as 20 percent less than it does in the U.S., thanks to the money it saves on sourcing components locally and the tariffs it avoids in the process.

Big plans for China — Tesla has also been building charging infrastructure and service facilities in China, and earlier this month announced it’s secured $1.4 billion in financing from Chinese financial institutions to grow its operations there.

While U.S. subsidies for Teslas come to an end next week, China’s added the locally made Model 3 to its list of electric vehicles that are exempt from purchase tax. Unfortunately, Chinese buyers won’t be able to watch Disney+ in their shiny new Teslas, but we suspect local streaming services will be added soon enough.