We ate Impossible Foods' faux pork and it was good as hell

A vegetarian and a meat-eater agree: it's so, so yummy.

Impossible Foods debuted its plant-based pork at an invite-only event ahead of the official start of CES 2020 — and holy crap, is it good. Like the faux burger that was introduced in 2016, how the meatless pork tastes obviously depends on the chef’s abilities. But at Kumi in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, there was something for everyone, and apparently, the Input team was among the “first people in the world to try it.”

So naturally, we ate enough to make ourselves sick (OK maybe just Cheyenne). We had Bahn mi, meatballs, noodles, spring rolls (swoon), and shumai — and it was all absolutely bomb. Again, credits to the chef, but a lot of this is Impossible, too. In each case, the texture was spot on and absorbed flavor much like the real meat would.

Feed me more — As someone who isn't a vegetarian, one of the things I loved the most about the Impossible Burger is that the texture of Impossible's plant-based ingredient is akin to that of real meat. And the same goes for the Impossible Pork. Like Cheyenne mentioned, we tried the Impossible Pork in a variety of different dishes and, let me tell you, every single one of them was delicious. The flavor is tasty, the texture is as crispy and slightly rough as traditional pork, and all I kept thinking was how insane it is that Impossible can make this happen.

We stuffed our faces!

It's so good, in my mind, that you could do one of those cheesy fake-meat blind tests on me and I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the real and the plant-based pork. Not only does it taste good, though, but Impossible says its plant-based pork has 40 percent less calories than the real deal. It also doesn't contain gluten, animal hormones or antibiotics, just like the Impossible Burger.

Even the meat-lovers thoroughly enjoyed it.

Impossible Sausage — As part of today's announcement, Impossible Foods said it will have Impossible Sausage soon. That new product is going to make its debut later this month in Burger King's breakfast croissants, and chances are more food chains and restaurants will start adding it (along with the Impossible Pork) to their menus shortly after that.

Bring on those plant-based BK breakfast croissants.