Facebook Dating now allows users to share Facebook and Instagram Stories

Facebook is doing its best to measure up to the competition.

Facebook’s Dating app now lets users import content from their Stories on Facebook and Instagram. The content can then be shared on the dating platform to both current matches and prospective ones.

Neverending stories — Users can continue to view one anothers’ Stories as long as neither party has blocked or passed on the other. Sharing Stories to the Dating app doesn’t change anything about your privacy settings on the main Facebook or Instagram apps. Each photo or video must be individually shared to the Dating app for privacy reasons.

Facebook’s late, again — It’s worthwhile to note that Facebook isn’t the first to this game: Tinder users can share Snapchat Stories on their profiles, and Bumble has its own version of ephemeral Story-like videos.

The shared Stories can be viewed by clicking circular photos at the top of the Dating app — much the same as how they can be watched on Facebook or Instagram. However, users can also react to Dating Stories by sending a “like” to someone while watching their story. The poster can then choose to match with the person in response.

Charmaine Hung, lead product manager on Stories for Facebook Dating, says the new sharing feature is meant to give people more insight into their matches while also proving they’re real people.

Will it be used? — We’ll have to wait and see whether or not Dating users choose to adopt the new feature. It could be unnecessarily time-consuming, given that each Story needs to be shared individually, and users may not want complete strangers to see the content they’re posting for their friends on Facebook and Instagram.