Apple's next iPad Pro may come with 3D sensors for augmented reality

But it looks like future iPhones will have to wait.

Hand holding smart phone use AR application to check relevant information about the spaces around cu...

The new iPad Pro is likely months away but it looks like Apple's focus, this time, is on augmented reality with new 3D sensors. According to sources who spoke with Bloomberg, Apple might try 3D sensors in the next iPad Pro along with an upgraded processor. The outlet reported that the new tablet might arrive in early 2020 with a 3D sensor that could allow users to make their own three-dimensional “reconstructions of rooms, objects, and people.” The same sensor isn’t expected to launch on iPhones anytime soon, so you’ll have to wait.

What is Apple up to — If the rumors tell us anything, it's that Apple is preparing to dive deeper into augmented reality with its new products. Consider the instance that The Information reported: Apple may launch a dual augmented reality and virtual reality headset in 2022. The company is also reportedly working on augmented reality glasses, pegged to launch in 2023. If it’s successful with launching augmented reality products and have people actually buy them, Apple might be able to rival with competitors like Google.

More autonomy with augmented reality — According to The Information, sources familiar with Apple’s 3D sensor efforts claim that the technology is sophisticated enough to let people walk in front of and behind augmented objects, allowing people to have more freedom to interact with mixed reality settings.

While augmented reality products certainly don't have a mass addictive reputation right now (for one, they're frequently expensive and that can discourage customers), the technology has the potential to help people in a plethora of fields, including medicine, cosmetics, military, climate, and more. Perhaps with Apple’s augmented reality push, the technology could become more mainstream — and more useful to everyday people.