Apple keeps sending a notification for an imaginary iOS 14 update

This happened in 2018, too.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

A non-existent iOS 14 update is infuriating a bunch of iPhone and iPad users, 9to5Mac reports. On Friday, numerous iOS users tweeted that they keep getting an alert to update their devices when there was no update available to begin with. "I get this alert every time I unlock my phone," another user complained. "I’m on the latest dev beta, there is not a newer beta, please tell me I’m not the only one." Here's the notification in question:

"Anybody else on the iOS 14 Beta continuously seeing this pop-up message to update, despite there being no update available? I remember this happening a few years back," another tweeted this morning. "Incredibly annoying." Incredibly annoying, indeed, and nothing new either. Let's take a quick trip down memory lane where bugs in the iOS system harass users for days.

We've been here before — This issue took place in 2018 with the iOS 12 beta when users received an alert to update their devices. It turned out that a bug in the system figures that there is an iOS update pending that needs to activate to keep the build from expiring.

It's possible that this is the same issue happening now. iOS has been having some issues, so this hiccup isn't shocking. Prior to this, another infuriating bug in the iOS 14 reverted third-party browsers and mail systems back to Safari and Mail instead of opted-for Edge, Outlook, or Chrome after a reboot. Some iOS releases go smoothly and there are minimal bugs, other's don't. We get it.

While iOS 14 has some great selling points as we've discussed in detail in previous reports, a revert that works in Apple's favor or a bug that keeps pointing you to an imaginary update sound like serious pains in the neck. But don't worry too much — Apple is doubtless working on a solution as we speak. While the company figures out what's going on, how about taking a look at our edition of iOS 14's six standout features?