This ‘Dragon Ball Z’ baseball equipment is real and incredible

A collision of worlds we didn’t know we needed.


Who knew that Saiyan armour would make for perfect catchers’ equipment? Bandai and Mizuno are opening our eyes to that much and more with their range of official Dragon Ball Z baseball equipment.

What’s in the collection? — From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the Saiyan-themed chest protector and shin guards are the headliner because of how well the design translates. But unless you actually play baseball, the rest of the collection makes for better collectibles.

A set of eight baseballs is done up to replicate the all-pivotal Dragon Balls, while four leather mitts get color schemes to channel Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, and Shenron.


Goku said that “power comes in response to a need, not a desire,” but this collection has a pretty powerful pull for something not at all essential.

Add to cart — As of now, the full range is available only in Japan for pre-order, with deliveries to roll out across the year. A translation of Bandai’s site says the gear “may be sold outside of Japan,” so here’s hoping the noncommittal prospect is a mere unfortunate function of translation.