Stadium Goods takes quarantine fits luxe with streetwear label ‘STADIUM’

We talked to head designer Greig Bennett to find out more about the launch.

Stadium Goods is one of the leading marketplaces for streetwear and sneakers, but is now premiering its own streetwear brand. Dubbed “STADIUM,” the emerging brand focuses on elevated pieces that nod to Stadium Goods’ deep roots in streetwear culture and community. Led in-house by Greig Bennett, the vice president of brand creative and head designer, STADIUM takes classic streetwear pieces and raises them to new heights.

STADIUM is about conveying “happiness and confidence,” elaborated Bennett. With pieces like a luxe tie-dye hoodie, a leather varsity jacket, and an elegantly casual fleece tracksuit, the brand experiments with different silhouettes, different looks, and “things that may not have been typical to the Stadium Goods [merch] line,” said the designer. STADIUM’s timeless silhouettes are meant to build off each other and be mixed with future drops from the brand.

Elevated designs — Crafted from superior fabrics, the debut capsule from STADIUM is primarily cut and sew, and encompasses 11 pieces that are both understated and unmistakable. Hoodies boast a tartan pattern, flower-like tie dye, olive green shade, and a classic gray color scheme, while the latter three designs also feature STADIUM branding. All are made from a heavyweight, high-end fabric.


Some of Bennett’s favorite pieces from the collection are the mock turtlenecks. “We wanted to take the idea of a long sleeve t-shirt and freak it slightly,” he said of the design, which comes in red and black and sports STADIUM branding. The shirts can be paired with another of Bennett’s favored pieces: sophisticated track pants. “I've been wanting to make pants like that for years, actually, and have tried things here and there — but I never really nailed the fit exactly how I wanted to until now,” he said. The pants, dressed in deep purple and navy hues, feature seams down the middle of their legs, and according to Bennett, “crop at just the right height.” With versatility in mind, the track pants were designed to be dressed up or down — ideal for quarantine wear.


Similarly, a gray collared rugby shirt offers comfort without sacrificing style. And, like many of the pieces from the brand, can be mixed and matched with separate pieces. A varsity letterman jacket concludes the brand’s debut capsule. Boasting STADIUM branding through its “S” on the front and a spellout on the back, the green and white leather jacket conveys the same elevated look as the rest of the drop, channeling a “Greco-Roman, academic look.”

Reaching new heights — Stadium Goods has long been a premium shopping experience, and now has a brand equally as elevated. STADIUM, ranging from $85 - $400, is available at Stadium Goods stores in New York and Chicago, on the marketplace’s website, Farfetch, and available at select boutique retail partners.


“[STADIUM’s] clothes are going to be and feel classic. So you can wear something from this year with something that's going to come out in two years and they'll still work together,” said Bennett of expanding the brand. While he sees STADIUM collaborating with other streetwear names in the future, the brand’s footwear sector is “TBD” — for now.

“There’s a really interesting renaissance happening in New York from a brand perspective,” Bennett concluded. “Brands are bringing the energy back, and we [at STADIUM] want to be part of that renaissance.”