Pretend you're Light Yagami with this 'Death Note' wristwatch

Take back your memories (or make new ones) with this replica from SuperGroupies.

Death Note / Giphy

For years now, Death Note fans have wondered whether they will ever be able to wear that watch from the Manga series. Sure, a regular watch could do the trick but Japan's SuperGroupies knows that Death Note followers have a special affinity for the series' wristwatch, its role in the story, and the specific feature that places it a cut above other timepieces. To quench that thirst, here is your very own Death Note watch replica. Finally.


What's so special about it? — Death Note fans know how important Light Yagami's watch was. Doubling as a storage unit, this particular watch was a spin on the Omega Speedmaster Mark II dial. Yagami receives the precious watch as a gift from his father, and he never takes it off. It features heavily in Death Note and gives us a glimpse into Yagami's more personal — and somewhat vulnerable — side.

True to Chekov's axiom about relevant imagery in a story, the watch proves pivotal as the plot unfolds. If you haven't watched Death Note plan to, be warned there are spoilers ahead. Maybe just skip straight to the last paragraph right now.


Sneaky little Yagami — If you've watched Death Note, you already know that by losing the notebook, Yagami undergoes some serious mental trauma, losing his recollections of practically everything he's ever experienced. All he has to help is a coveted notebook. In the series, he takes a piece of paper from the notebook and stores it in the watch to help with his memory woes. There's something special about he opens the watches storage compartment, but that's a detail we recommend you witness on screen.

The front of the watch is black and silver and relatively innocuous. There's a metal strap and the rear panel has the Death Note logo engraved on it. If you tilt the watch under a light source, you'll even notice Ryuk's silhouette (a Shinigami in the series who's responsible for the notebook), which is a sweet detail to add. But the key feature is the watches small storage drawer that can carry a slip of paper with the world's smallest shopping list, a postage stamp or two, or perhaps another sort of more mind-bending variety of paper (we're not here to judge).


Okay, how much? — SuperGroupies' watch will set you back approximately $306 (or ¥29,800, excluding taxes and duties). For serious Death Note fans or cosplayers, that probably sounds like a bargain.