Nike's 'Popcorn' Air Force 1 shoes make you miss movie theaters even more

They're like butter, baby.

Nike Air Force 1 Popcorn

To borrow a turn of phrase from A Tribe Called Quest, Nike has cooked up a pair of Air Force 1s that are like butter, baby. The "Popcorn" AF1 Lows serves as an ode to the relic that is a movie theater — you know, that place that has little to do with the price going up on AMC stocks.

The movie snack-inspired kicks take a wide-ranging food approach, including a cream-colored upper Nike is calling "Coconut Milk." But don't let this be a distraction from all the kernels of popcorn design, from the graphic insole to a gold-tone charm.

Underneath the Swoosh is a cursive "fresh since 82'" [sic] embossing — a reference to not only the Air Force 1s birth year but to (probably) the last time the red and white stripes on the tongue were actually used for popcorn containers. The Nike logo on the mustache has also been replaced by a font that would be right at home in an old-timey theater.

If you can't smell the nostalgia, certainly you're getting a strong scent of butter.


Better leather — The "Popcorn" Air Force 1 will be under the premium umbrella, and all that means for you is a nicer leather. The upgrade should push the price up to $130, although release details for the States are still scant.

The nostalgic sneaker has been confirmed for a February 13 release in Asia, but Nike has remained mum on a drop in the U.S. and Europe. Don't let that concern you, though, because all signs point to to it releasing here. The UK sneaker boutique Size? is responsible for the product shots, and this Air Force 1 is too steeped in American culture to skip over its spiritual home.

A film bro favorite? — The odds on you seeing these AF1s at, like, Alamo Drafthouse are high — but don't let that stop you from indulging in the poppin' kicks. And if someone should step on them whenever you get to see a movie in theaters again, please just let it slide.