Lululemon introduces its first performance hijabs

Three designs tackle a variety of workouts.

Lululemon Performance Hijab is versatile and sweat-wicking.

Although the fashion sphere has faced backlash over its appropriation of traditional Muslim headwear, Lululemon is making an effort to expand its inclusivity in a positive way. The athletic brand is now offering two performance-based hijabs to its product lineup, and a third will launch later this year.

The Performance Hijab and the OTM Scarf Hijab are both made to help Muslim women who may find wearing traditional headscarves during athletic activity to be a challenge. The Lululemon team was able to get insight from its global network of ambassadors who wear hijabs, which in turn led to the development of the new performance headwear.


What to expect — Many traditional headscarves use a pin to secure the fabric in place, but the Performance Hijab opts for a pull-on design that doesn’t move during extraneous activity. An adjustable toggle can secure it around different hairstyles like buns or ponytails, but it’s still lightweight so as not to overheat its wearer.

The OTM Scarf Hijab is more customizable because it features a longer scarf-life construction that can “transform it into whatever shape suits you best,” the company said in a press release. As opposed to its Performance counterpart, the Scarf is best suited for low-intensity workouts.


Both styles are made with Lulu’s Luxetreme sweat-wicking fabric that dries quickly and stretches along with the wearer’s movements. Lycra fiber is also found in the material to help the piece retain its shape even after multiple wears — but don’t forget to air dry it if you decide to machine wash.

The OTM Pull-On Hijab, the third style in the capsule that will release later this year, is made using the same sweat-wicking fabric for breathability. It can also be slid over the wearer’s head for a snug fit (and tucked into their shirt) but comes in just one size. The two other available hijabs each come in small/medium and medium/large sizes.

A big step for Lulu — This launch from Lululemon is long overdue, considering most of its products are targeted toward women already. Finding modest athleticwear is a big challenge for women who dress in the style for religious and personal reasons and an even bigger obstacle during the hot, summer months. Nike recently released hijab athletic wear and swimwear of its own, sparking praise from the widely underrepresented community.

You can shop the Performance Hijab and the OTM Scarf Hijab, which are each available in different colors, on the Lululemon website for $42 and $38, respectively. The OTM Pull-On Hijab will also be priced at $38, with a launch coming soon.