The best winter running shoes to keep you going all year long

Nothing will slow you down if you’re wearing the right kicks.

Winter will throw everything it has at you to prevent you from getting your miles in year-round. The frigid cheeks, harsh air irritating your lungs, and all sorts of treachery underneath your feet — they’re all in cahoots to make you call it off for the season and let your workouts languish.

Sure, you could turn to the treadmill, but it doesn’t hit the same. The most tenacious of runners will tough it out through it all, though, and the right equipment can help you stave off the worst of winter. Most important of all is having the right pair of shoes. You want sneakers with tread stout enough to keep you upright on snow, ice, and salt. Waterproofing is key, too, lest the elements get inside and begin to freeze up your feet.

To help you continue getting your runs in, we’ve gathered up the best winter running shoes on the market. If you push through now, your run times come spring and summer are going to thank you.

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On Running is the upstart new running brand backed by Roger Federer that gives you good reason to deviate from the usual suspects of sneakers. Cloud is an apt description for its lightweight soles sculpted to remove any unnecessary mass, but this wind and waterproof shoe is also as tough as a rock.

The Pegasus line is among the very best Nike has to offer, and three years running of the Trail version have brought hit after hit. It also happens to be the best-looking winter running shoe you can find, which means you may want to keep wearing it even when you’re not exercising.

What the Speedgoat 4 lacks in weather resistance it more than makes up for with its heavily cushioned midsole and grippy Vibram outsole. Hoka One’s One kicks will make your runs more forgiving than you thought possible.

It may not be the sexiest sneaker, but Salomon’s Speedcross can be hard to come by each winter because of how well it protects your foot. The fifth iteration is almost entirely sold out in two of its color schemes, so you’ll want to take advantage of the army green version’s full size run while it’s still available.

Adidas does do a winterized version of its highly successful UltraBoost line, but it can still leave you wanting for a little more security. The answer is the SolarGlide, which doesn’t have to sacrifice Boost cushioning to give you a more sturdy platform.

As rigid as it may look, Brooks’ Cascadia 16 has a whole lot of give. The sole has a high degree of flexibility in each direction to tackle any surface you may run across.