Adidas and Palace made colorful apparel for yoga, swimming, and chillin’

They want you to just relax.

Palace Adidas Palaste Collection

Palace and Adidas are getting transcendental for their latest collaboration. Their new “Palaste” collection, slated to release this week, leans in on the tropes of the relaxation economy through colorful, limited-edition yoga and leisurewear.

You’re invited to the holistic experience championed by the capsule, but unlike many wannabe gurus, Palace is clear about the role money plays in the whole endeavor. A soothing voice narrating the promotional video urges you to “Open your mind, open your heart, and open your wallet to Palaste.”

The gear may not help you in your bid for enlightenment, or just a nominal escape from the dread of everyday life, but it will make you look cool as shit as you meditate, sit by the pool, or do whatever it is that helps you tune out the noise of the outside world. A tie-dye tracksuit in rainbow features plenty of logos, but none cooler than the palm’s opened to hold the yin-yang symbol along with Palace’s name. The print and logo also appear on a bucket hat and yoga mat to warm up wherever it is that your hype chakra lies.


How about a robe or some slides? — The merchandisable Palaste lifestyle also includes bathrobes with Adidas’ signature striping and a massive lotus embroidered onto the rear, along with more ordinary streetwear attire through T-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and an additional bucket hat. Slides — an ever-popular choice for the spa, pool, or crib alike — come in a chalky yellow and another logo that plays with yin and yang iconography.

Selling the amorphous concept of “wellness” has proven quite lucrative for a horde of brands targeting millennials and zoomers, and it’s clear to see Palace is having fun taking the piss out of the widely corrupted pursuit. No one needs any of this gear in their chase for peace of mind — I personally do yoga in my underwear at home after COVID killed my local studio — and if you are gonna cop it’s best that you admit so anyway.

The full collection is slated to release at 11 a.m. this Friday, August 13, through Palace’s website and its stores. No word on pricing yet, but it surely won’t be a rip-off like many other goods the wellness economy would shove in your face.