This Thing Rules

I finally bought a graphics tablet and now I can't stop doodling

Whether it's a stick figure or a full portrait, the Gaomon M10K tablet packs a whole lot without crushing your budget.


I dig doodling. I like to communicate with my loved ones through drawings. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began and I found myself at home more often, I decided to take my hobby a little more seriously and invest in a graphics tablet. And although I'll never be a Studio Ghibli artist (Editor's note: Never say never!), I've found great delight in sketching little characters, scenes, and dialogue.

As with many of my purchases, I follow a frugality principle: the gadget must be remarkably useful and affordable. Depending on what you want, the price of a drawing tablet ranges between $30 to more than $2,500. The average price for a tablet that doesn't come with its own screen is about $75. If you're a professional illustrator, it's not uncommon to put at least $800 on the table for reliable drawing hardware.

This is where the Gaomon M10K 2018 drawing tablet fits in. For $59.99, Gaomon offers an industrial beast inside a surprisingly lightweight tablet. I have been using it for three months now and have drawn many puppies lost in space since. True art.

Mehreen Kasana

Go wild — Personally, I get my doodle fix in with this Gaomon tablet, but its applications cross multiple industries, genres, and professions. You can teach a class with this tablet, or take notes on your digital blackboard. Depending on the software you use, such as the free SketchBook app from Autodesk, you can experiment with fashion, architectural, graphic, industrial, and other designs as well as video game art, storyboards for comics or books, special effects for film, 3D modeling, and even animation production.

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All in $59.99 — This specific Gaomon tablet is refreshingly lightweight. Just over a pound to carry, this slim and sleek tablet has a matte finish, curved top, no need for a battery, has a reasonably large workspace, hotkeys for shortcuts (which you can customize based on your needs), an accompanying bag to throw the tablet in, and a fantastic pen.

Pen-on-paper precision — The most impressive feature this particular Gaomon tablet offers is its precision. With over 8,000 levels of insanely delicate sensitivity, it's easy to forget that you're drawing on a tablet and not a physical notepad. It's customizable, too. All you need to do is connect your Gaomon to your laptop via the provided cable and tweak pressure levels in Gaomon settings.

More than anything, the Gaomon M10K 2018 tablet is addictive because it's accessible. You don't need to have the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, the drive of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the commercial cunning of Don Draper to own one of these. Compared to obscenely priced tablets like the Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 worth roughly $3,300 or the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro for almost $900, Gaomon offers a lot to everyone for far less.