Xbox One will let you eject discs with your controller

Oh, hell yes.

VCG/Visual China Group/Getty Images

Things just got a lot easier for Xbox One users. Unlike their Xbox 360 peers, Xbox One users did not have the option to eject their discs remotely — until now, that is. According to a post by a Reddit user on Monday, it looks like Xbox One will let (some of) you eject the disc with your controller as opposed to getting up from your couch. Hallelujah.

X marks the spot — According to the Reddit user, the change seems to be active for Xbox Preview Program members. If you own an Xbox One, check out the bottom right corner of your Home Screen and test the update. Hit X to eject the disc. It seems similar to the remote eject option that Xbox 360 users have, who can remotely eject a disc by hitting the Y button.

It's funny that such a basic function is finally showing up in a device, but for many Xbox One users, the news was received with delight. Just look at the comments on the Reddit post.

Still, it doesn't mean that the remote disc eject option is now totally problem-free. There might be times when users have to revert to old-school methods, like using paperclips to eject the tray if the button isn't working. But it's a welcome change nonetheless (which could take somewhere between a few weeks to a few months to go active for everyone). Microsoft can further sweeten the deal by a notch by implementing this in the Xbox Series X to be launched later this year.